April 13, 2024

Notice of Criminal Complaint of Skagit Auditor


Skagit Residents' Folks that said they would help...

If you missed Last Tuesday, we introduced a Criminal Complaint on the County of Skagit's Auditor. We are sending it to 6 Officials in Washington DC, 6 Officials in Olympia, and 7 officials in Skagit County, the crimes all involve "Election Crimes".


We are asking all Skagit Residents to sign the complaint. We have volunteers that will help stuff envelopes. We can always use more help!


Currently, the Auditor is the head of the Canvasing Board that certifies our elections. Her Oath of Office is invalid, her office is vacated, she cannot certify the primary election of March 2024 and certainly is ineligible to certify the General Election this November.


No authorized government in County of Skagit must be repaired by November 2024.

email us to have your signed copies picked up,  admin@skagitresidents.com

Please have your spouse, your relatives, your neighbors and your friends sign their own complaints as soon as possible, we will put the postage on and stuff the envelopes, we want to flood the official's offices with at least 100 complaints.


If you need a copy of the Complaint, download it here,

Notice of Criminal Complaint

Click here to download

Auditor object letter 4-13-24 general

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